Overseas Electives


Overseas Medical Electives

Dr. Giles Molyneux, together with his team, Dr. Julian Proctor, Dr. Jessica Triay, Graham, Pamela and Hugh Proctor, founded the organization Medics Away in 2003 to help nearly qualified 3rd, 4th and 5th year student doctors with the fulfillment of their Medical Electives.

What is a Medical Elective?

A Medical Elective is a period of 1 or 2 months of student placements in a hospital at home or abroad and is intended: to enlighten student doctors to medical practices beyond their training experience; be part of the communities served by the hospital hosting their Elective and to enjoy some of the excitements of foreign travel, after many years of demanding study and examinations. All this is part and parcel of our medical internships and student placements.

The Medics Away Foundation was set up by Dr Giles Molyneux to distribute funds to targeted health care projects in hospitals and communities which host Medics Away medical students during their Medical Electives. Our team’s collective background in world travel, medicine and business provides the backbone of our service.

Since 2003, Medics Away has organized medical electives and medical internships for hundreds of students in locations around the world. Our current destinations include Bali, Belize, India, Peru, Tobago and Thailand. Each year we form relationships with hospitals in new destinations.

Medical students, their families and their universities find our student placements and medical electives very helpful. Therefore, we:

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