Can I have alternative accommodation?

Medics Away is very keen to keep students together. There are a lot of reasons for this, namely: its safer, more fun, easier to coordinate trips, keeps the costs of the elective to you lower, more fun (I’ve said that right? needs re-iterating I think) and helps form better bonds with the locals of each location due to repeat business for them. Where Medics Away has houses in locations (Peru and Ethiopia right now), students can request specific rooms if the circumstances pertain to it (i.e. a couple wishes to stay together). All accommodation provided on Medics Away electives is of a very high tourist standard. Please read the accommodation details for respective Electives for more details of what is provided in the elective package. Please read the Accommodation option in the Activity Breaks page for more details of upgrades or alternatives to what is provided on the elective.

Can I stay with my partner?

Medics Away elective fees are based on two students sharing, so of course it is perfectly fine for a couple to be accommodated together.

Do I pay for my accommodation whilst on my elective?

No, all accommodation is provided in the central elective locations and on all activity breaks. If students decide to venture beyond the range of the elective and the activity breaks provided, then Medics Away is not responsible for paying for your accommodation.

What accommodation is available?

The basic rate for the elective includes all your accommodation costs. Accommodation is based on two students of the same sex sharing a room. For a supplementary charge, Medics Away is able to provide you with single occupancy accommodation (available in only certain elective destinations). This charge is calculated based on the individual requirements of each student. Please refer to the Activity Breaks relative to the destinations you are interested in. If there is no option for single occupancy in the list, it is not likely to be available.

Will I need a sleeping bag?

You will not need a sleeping bag for any of the Electives or Activity Breaks. In Peru and Belize for instance, sleeping bags are provided (at a small charge of $10 USD, for cleaning costs) for treks and overnight ATM tours. Most other electives do not require the facility of sleeping bags.